Three Ways To Expand Your Feed Store's Customer Base

Feed stores are necessary in a farming community, and owning and operating one can be a viable way to make money. However, many feed stores are not able to turn much of a profit by selling feed alone. Instead, they end up expanding their inventory into another direction, which allows them to increase their customer base and make more sales. If you own a feed store and are barely scraping by, adding a second specialty to your shop should help.

The Hidden Costs Of Towing Your Own Car: Why A Car Hauler May Be Cheaper

You are moving all of your stuff, including your two cars, to the other side of the country. Movers are taking your stuff, and you are driving one of your cars. However, you cannot decide if you should tow your other car behind the car you are driving or if you should pay a hauler to move your second car for you. Paying a hauler involves an upfront fee, which can make towing look cheaper, but in reality, towing your own car carries a lot of hidden expenses.

Understanding Your Car Battery: Problems You Should Know About

Despite even a long history of car ownership, many people find themselves unfamiliar with the operation of and warning signs from the battery of their vehicle. This often results in situations where a driver may be stranded and facing a dead or malfunctioning battery. The good news is that you can avoid this with a little bit of advanced understanding. Here’s a look at some of the things that you should watch out for with your battery so that you can react quickly to reduce the risk of complete battery failure.

What To Look For When Buying A Used Big Rig

It’s no secret that a new semi-trailer truck can be a pricey item, especially if you’re an owner-operator or a small fleet operator. Most new Class 8 trucks start out at around $80,000, and custom options can push this figure well past the $200,000 mark. It’s no wonder that so many buyers opt for the used market when it comes to shopping for a reliable workhorse. The following offers a comprehensive guide on what you should look for when shopping around for a used semi-trailer truck.