Take Care Of Your Pickup Truck Fleet And Provide Essentials For Your Drivers

Your business profile reflects heavily upon the manner in which your workers present themselves. If owning a fleet of pickup trucks has resulted in frequent mechanical malfunctions and customers becoming discouraged because their orders weren't delivered as promised, it is time to reassess how you are operating your business. Truck equipment and parts that are geared toward repairing mechanical issues and providing your workers with directions or contact methods may minimize costly disruptions.

An Annual Inspection And The Purchase Of Essential Parts

All of the pickup trucks that make up your fleet should be inspected annually, even if the state that your business is located in does not mandate this requirement. During an annual inspection, tires will be rotated, brakes will be inspected and replaced, and any noises that are coming from within the engine chamber will be addressed.

During the inspections, you may be responsible for purchasing mechanical equipment that is necessary to keep the trucks running, but there may be some additional items that you will benefit from purchasing. Keep a spreadsheet, which classifies all of the repair work that you have dealt with in the last year or so. If you notice a pattern that has resulted in you needing to buy the same parts for several of the trucks, it can be beneficial to purchase truck equipment and mechanical parts when they are on sale.

Having the items necessary for a repair or an upgrade will lessen future mechanical bills, plus may eliminate needing to worry about essential items being on backorder, which could temporarily put one of your trucks out of commission for an undetermined amount of time.

Navigational Aids And A Way To Contact The Home Base

Even if a mechanical problem is not an issue, driving down a road that is currently under construction could result in a mishap that will lead to the need for a mechanic. Additionally, if a driver becomes lost, your customer's satisfaction is placed at risk. Invest in some navigational aids that can be installed inside of the truck models that you own.

Make sure that there is somebody always present at your 'home' office. With access to a phone or a two-way radio device, a driver who is in need of assistance, either with a route that they are having difficulty with or a mechanical problem, can reach someone swiftly and minimize disruptions in their delivery service.